Turtle Island Preserve Scholarship Fund

Items up for auction/raffle :

Cleavage is a limited edition of 500, a fold out accordion style book with hardcase cover, by artist, Bethany Fancher. The book contains photos of many cleavages in different scenerios, including Eustace Conway! You could own this book along with the likes of Yoko Ono, Stephen Hawking (RIP), and Duchess Camilla & Prince Charles. (yes, Eustace's image resides in the royal library!) AND, you will be making a contribution to the scholarship fund for approximately 18 families to attend Turtle Island Preserve's Camp this summer. 

Also up for raffle/auction is an 11x14 inch print of Eustace Conway at the reins in this photo titled, "Wagoneer". It is printed on canvas ready to hang. Let's throw some money here! Again, for a great cause, to give families the camp experience at Turtle Island Preserve this summer. This is a special print, different than the one in the book. 

Bethany Fancher was one of the first artists to use Kickstarter to fund the making of Cleavage. It was a great success, even went viral for awhile and is now sold at the Gagosian online shop. Here is the original pitch/explanation from the kickstarter campaign:

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